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Private Training (Jody) | 7am / 8am / 6pm


Private Training (Jody) | 7am / 8am / 6pm


Pup-ercise (Jody) | 7:30am
Puppy Camp (Jody) | 7:30am 
Handling (Jody) | 6pm


Private (Jody) | 7am / 8am / 6pm


Puppy Camp (Jody) | 7:30am
Private Training (Jody) | 6pm
Pup-ercise (Jody) | 7:30am 


Handling (Jody)  7:30am | 5pm


Handling (Jody) | 7:30am | 5pm



Evaluation at PHD (Custom Time)
In-Home Evaluation (Custom Time) 
One Time Private Training (Custom Time) 
One Time In-Home (Custom Time) 
One Time Private Handling (Custom Time)  


Private Training

Are you and your dog just starting out? Do you want to learn at your pace without the distraction for your pup of other dogs? Are you dealing with issues/behaviors specific to your dog? Then private training sessions are for you. At each session you and your trainer will work on your dog's training plan, spending as much time as necessary working on the skills you and your dog need to master. Highly recommended for new puppies and/or older dogs with specific negative behaviors. Though Private Training is a great way to start, we HIGHLY recommend once you and your dog are ready, that you progress into group classes!

Puppy Camp

Nothing is more important for your new puppy than appropriate and effective socialization and training”. Also, make it “45” minutes of playtime and cut, “ after which there's 15 minutes of exposure to various socialization activities. Puppies gain confidence and develop more stable temperaments by facing new situations, meeting/playing with dogs of various ages, sizes and temperaments and being exposed to new learning experiences and challenges. During a session of Puppy Camp, your dog will have a 30-minute play session with other pups in my 1/2 acre play yard. This is followed by a 15-minute crated nap time. Afterwards, each pup receives a 30-minute private training session with one of our trainers after which there's 15 minutes of exposure to various socialization activities. By the way, for the quickest progress in your puppy's training, we strongly recommend a session of Puppy Camp paired with a weekly Private Training Session.

In-Home Private Training

In their learning process, dogs don't generalize. So, behaviors that are specific to your home such as house-breaking, jumping on guests, chewing on furniture, resource guarding on food, toys or bedding and crate training need to be dealt with in your home. We also recommend this option for owners with dogs who are excessively fearful or reactive as being in their home environment will generally make them more relaxed, secure and open to training.


A tired puppy is a happy puppy! Dogs need exercise, especially running and playing at their own pace. PUP-ERCISE is a supervised and monitored active play session where your dog will have fun with other dogs of comparable temperament and energy level in our expansive play yard. In addition to contributing to your dog's overall health and fitness, a dog who has been "played out" is way too exhausted to get into mischief.

Beginning Skills For Better Manners

Once you and your puppy have mastered the basics of focus, sit, down and loose leash walking, we recommend joining the MANNERS class. With the added distraction of other dogs and handlers, you will work on recalls, the “leave it” command, holding "wait" with distractions, off and hup and other useful commands in a fun and social environment. This class is the basis for your dog to truly become a well-mannered member of society that you'll be proud to take anywhere.

Dog Sport Sampler - Beginning Rally/Agility/Scent/ Work/Obedience/Trick Dog

Looking for new training challenges for you and your dog? Or perhaps you want a way to strengthen the bond between you and your dog? Thinking about getting your feet wet in the world of competitive dog sports? At PHD, we offer a wide range of both informal and competition-based dog sport classes. We also have a systematic training program for individuals wanting to prepare their dogs for Therapy Dog volunteer work. Days and times for these classes are dependent on current student interest and involvement. Contact us for the most current schedule.

Out And About

In this fun group class, you and your dog will navigate public outings with focus and control. The group will visit malls, stores, parks, restaurants, and other places you want to enjoy with your dog. You and your dog will learn to navigate the public and public places with grace and confidence. We’ll tackle managing distractions large and small, handle reactivity issues towards other dogs, and reinforce proper greeting behavior with strangers and friends. If you are considering taking the AKC Canine Good Citizen test, hoping to train your dog as a Therapy dog or thinking about some of the many dog sports available to you and your dog, then this is the class you’ll want!

Conformation Handling Class

Ever watch a dog show on television and wondered what it would be like to try your hand at handling? Do you have a promising show prospect who needs to learn the routines and skills required in the conformation show ring? Or are you looking for a family-friendly activity for your dog-crazy kid? Conformation Handling class is suitable for both experienced and "newbie" handlers of all ages. Each session we cover all of the basic skills required in the show ring - hand and free-stacking, gaiting, judge exams, movement patterns. I'm very proud that hundreds of my Junior and adult handlers have gone on to success in the conformation show ring and in Junior Showmanship competition. However, what I am most pleased with is how much fun they've all had doing it!

Canine Treadmill Fitness Class

What can you do to help your dog stay fit and active when the temperatures soar? Consider the Treadmill Fitness Class. Available to dogs over 1 year old, this is a half-hour private drop-off class where your dog will have an individualized roadwork session on a treadmill in an air-conditioned setting. Under my direct supervision, dogs will be introduced to treadmill work and then, as with a human athlete, gradually build up their stamina and muscle with increasingly challenging workouts. As each session is customized to your dog, even seniors can benefit. Whether your dog needs the exercise to wear off extra energy, to build/retain muscle tone for the show ring or just have an activity to increase their mental enrichment, the treadmill is a great tool. The cost is $35 a session.

Pool Time Swim Class

Most dogs, like humans, are not born knowing how to swim. Through drown-proofing, your dog is taught how to swim and, more importantly, how to get out of a swimming pool. The latter is the leading cause of pet drownings in family swimming pools. Once a dog knows how to confidently swim, they are welcome to join swim class, a half-hour private session where the dog exercises on-lead in my pool, swimming against resistance with me next to them. Again, this is a great class for exercise, enrichment and building confidence. Both water classes are open to dogs of all ages. The cost for these classes is $40 a session.

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