Sasquatch Clumber Spaniels


Fuzzy Frog English Toy Spaniels

Under the kennel name of "Sasquatch, I have owned, bred and shown Clumber Spaniels since 1975. With more than 40 champions and title holders, I am proud to have produced dogs who have excelled not only in the conformation ring but in obedience, tracking  and the hunting field as well. I'm equally prioud to have produced many much-loved family pets. Utilizing the Puppy Culture method of early neurological stimulation and developmentally effective socialization, I strive to breed dogs with the stable, outgoing,  happy-go-lucky personality of the breed. Most importantly, all of my breeding stock is health tested to better produce sound dogs .  I currently have no Clumber litters planned. I would strongly urge those families in search of a Clumber to go to the  Clumber Spaniel Club of America website - - for a list of dedicated reputable breeders commited to the betterment of the breed. Be aware though...The Clumber Spaniel is not a common breed and we generally have fewer than 150 puppies born annually, so you may have to wait for a puppy. In the meantime, I'd urge all interested families to be sure to visit a Clumber Spaniel "in the flesh" to be sure it's the right breed for you!
In 2017, searching for a smaller spaniel to add to our household, I fell in love with the English Toy Spaniel. Under the kennel name of "Fuzzy Frog", I will be showing and breeding these charming, cheerful and utterly irrepressible little clowns. Foremost in our household is Champion Clussexx The Great Houdini From Flivverway. Though a young dog, "Harry" , was the #1 Owner-Handled English Toy Spaniel (Blenheim and Prince Charles) for 2017, and the #10 All-Breed English Toy Spaniel (B&PC)  as well as the # 2 Owner-Handled ETS in 2018.  A group placer  at 2, we expect great things out of this young showman as he matures! Harry has recieved his CHIC number from the Canine Health Information Center having passed all his health clearances.

Litters planned Summer 2019Harry will be bred to Three D Ceylon Cinnamon (15 points with a 5 point major/CHIC #) and Three D Delilah (Pointed/CHIC#) will be bred to GCHS Clussexx Cream and Crimson. Reservations currently being taken.

Three D Ceylon Cinnamon

GCHS Clussexx Cream and Crimson

Three D Delilah