Current Obedience/Training Class information & Schedule

PLEASE NOTE – Group class times through March 2019 are listed below. As the days lengthen, class times may be adjusted accordingly. Please check below for class descriptions and registration information. Details for New Clients are listed below. 

Mixed Level Class                                                                                  Monday 4:30 pm
(Note – Dog must be reasonably solid in Loose Leash Walking, Sit, Down and Wait. If
uncertain about the suitability of this class for your dog, please call Jody)

Puppy/Small Dog Class                                                                          Tuesday 4:30 pm

Puppy/Small Dog Class                                                                          Saturday 4:00 pm

Mixed Level Pre-Competition Class                                                     Wednesday 4:30 pm

Beginning Agility Fun Class                                                                  Thursday 4:30 pm

Out and About (Training in various locations)                                   Saturday 9:30 am
AKC Canine Good Citizen/Therapy Dog Prep class                          Saturday 11:00 am

Trick Dog Class                                                                                      Saturday 1:00 pm

Beginner Class                                                                                        Saturday 3:30 pm

Conformation Show Dog Handling Class                                             Sunday 3:00 pm

*** NOTE - Additional classes such as Tracking, Nosework, Rally, etc may be offered if student interest warrants. If there's something you'd like to see on the schedule, let me know!

The first session with a new client, unless it is a Board/Train situation, will take place at the client's home. This is an extended session, about 2 hours in length which includes a behavioral assessment of the dog and their interaction with the family, a in-depth discussion of the training methods we'll be using and a training session with the dog and the family covering several basic commands. Following this, an individualized training plan will be developed for the dog. All members of the household who interact regularly with the dog must attend the first session.  

After the first session, depending on the dog's behavior and temperament, more private sessions either at the client's home or my facility may be recommended. However, the goal is always to get the dog into a group class where they can learn to ignore the distraction of numerous dogs. 

The cost for the first session is $135. After that, private sessions at the client's home are $80 an hour. Private sessions at my facility are $70 an hour. Group training classes (except Conformation Handling class and Tracking) are $50 a session. Discounts are available through the monthly class registration option.


Puppy/Small Dog Class
With a specially designed “puppy-friendly” curriculum, this class is the perfect introduction to training and correctly socializing your new puppy. Half the class is devoted to teaching basic commands and skills like sit, down, come and walking on a loose leash without pulling through a series of short fun games and activities that will keep your baby engaged and focused. The other half of class is for meeting and greeting each other in a safe, controlled environment where everyone can learn to “play nice” as well as socialization/confidence-building exercises. Puppies successfully completing this class will be eligible to take the American Kennel Club S.T.A.R. Puppy Test and earn their STAR Puppy Title! This class is for puppies from 3 – 8 months old and small dogs under 15 lbs. Puppies must have at least 2 series of shots to attend.

Mixed Level Class
This is an Intermediate level class for puppies and adult dogs who have a solid start in the basic commands whose owners want to continue in the training/bonding process with their dogs. The class will review all previously learned commands and introduce new skills while “proofing” the dog with distractions and situations they might find out in the real world.

Mixed Level Pre-Competition Class
Another Intermediate level class for graduates of the Puppy and/or Beginner classes. In addition to reinforcing all previous commands, students and their dogs will begin to learn skills that appear in AKC competitive events such as Obedience and Rally. Dogs – and their owners! – thrive on learning and new challenges. Whether you plan to compete with your dog or not, both you and they will enjoy the mental stimulation of learning and perfecting new skills and behaviors.

Beginning Agility Fun Class
Agility is one of the greatest confidence builders for reserved dogs and the perfect energy release for overly-enthusiastic dogs. In Agility your dog masters a series of jumps, weaves, tunnels, even teeter-totters and A frames which then get put together into courses. A great energy-release for you and your dog and a fun way to build better teamwork and communication.

Trick Dog Class
Channel your dog’s natural intelligence in this fun new class. Each week, your dog and you will learn new tricks. From the old standbys – Play Dead, High Five, Roll Over, Fetch, etc – to more creative tricks like turning on a light, carrying a basket, crawling, bringing you a flower. The only limit is your imagination! As you and your dog master new tricks, you’ll get them signed off on a form which, at the completion of class can be submitted to the American Kennel Club, earning your dog a Trick Dog title. After that, sit back and watch your dog become the life of the party!

Out and About (Training in various locations in the community)
One of the most fun classes I offer, Out and About takes all the training you’ve put into your dog and puts it to good use. Whether we’re at a soccer game, enjoying a farmers’ market, strolling through a botanical garden, attending an arts festival, visiting a mall or sharing a Starbucks, your dog will have the opportunity to work all of the commands, learning how to give you their focus even in the most distracting situations. This class is by approval only. Check with me as to your dog’s readiness.

AKC Canine Good Citizen/Therapy Dog Prep class
The American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen Test is designed to reward all dogs, purebred or mixed-breed dogs who have good manners at home and in the community. The 10-part test stresses responsible pet ownership for owners and basic good manners for dogs. All dogs who pass the test may receive a certificate from the American Kennel Club as well as receiving reduced rates on home owner’s insurances. If you think you might like to try Therapy Dog work with you dog, this class will help you acquire the skills you need for certification. CGC testing will be offered free of charge to class participants at the last class.

Beginner Class
Learn the basic skills that all “civilized canines” should know…How to sit, down, stay and come on command, how to walk on a leash without pulling, how to greet people without jumping, how to wait patiently at doorways and how to avoid tempting distractions on command. These classes are open to puppies and dogs ages 6 months and older.

Group classes are $50 a session. If you will be taking more than one class a week, consider our monthly class offer - $220 for an unlimited number of classes. The monthly offer does not include Tracking.

In support of the future of dog lovers, special class fees are offered for any Junior Handler (age under 18 years old). All performance classes are $25. Handling class is $15. Scholarships are available. Please contact me for more information.

Class attendance is on a per class basis. This saves you from having to commit to a set package of classes. You do not need to attend all classes but remember, the more consistent you are with your training, the faster your dog will accomplish the goals you hope for. I cannot stress enough that continuity – even for short periods – is the foundation of dog training. If you plan on attending a class, YOU MUST notify me 24 hours in advance of the class. If I do not hear from any students in that time frame, class will be automatically cancelled, and I will not notify students. If I do hear from students, even a single student, class will run as scheduled. Class times may go later as daylight time increases.

Dogs must have at least two series of shots and all dogs over 5 months old must also have their rabies shot. If requested, proof of immunization will be requested and must be provided.

Please wear comfortable clothes that you can work in, preferably with pockets. All students must wear closed toed shoes. No flip flops or sandals!

Students are encouraged to bring lots of high-value training treats in either their pockets or in bait bags.