If a busy work or family schedule keeps you from providing the consistent daily sessions needed to lay in the foundation of solid training, I can arrange a “Board/Train” program at my home. During the program – offered in 3 or 6 week blocks – the dog lives with me. Here they’ll learn and become solid in all the basic commands including (but not limited to) “Sit”, “Down”, “Loose Leash Walking”, “Leave It”, “Wait”, “Off” and “Watch” as well as reliable recall command to bring your dog to you. The emphasis in the program is on developing the manners a dog needs to be a well-behaved member of a household and a community. Your dog will not only receive two daily training sessions at my facility but will also take field trips around town to improve their social skills and better expose them to the world. While at my home, your dog will live as a member of my household, free during the day to visit in the house or to play in my 1 acre double fenced exercise yard with compatible dogs from my pack. Included in the cost of these packages are 3 or 6 private training sessions with the dog and the owner, insuring that you know all of the commands and how to ask your dog to perform them. Please contact me directly for the cost of these programs.

Shorter overnight boarding options, with or without training, are available to current and former clients only. Current and former clients may also take advantage of my daily “Stay and Play” daycare program to which a formal training component can be added.

​Space is limited and fills up fast, so let me know as early as possible if you want to board or board/train your dog!

Do be aware, an Evaluation Session is required prior to any dog being booked into a Board/Train program.

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We know life can get hectic. Simply fill out the form below and let us know when you are thinking about boarding and training your dogs. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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