“Jody Davidson is World Class. I met her when I had a very sound sensitive dog. She was instrumental in our journey with my dog to overcome his sensitivity as well as my own anxiety when I encountered those triggers. She was with me every step of the way observing my reactions, coaching me, teaching techniques that allowed my dog to achieve life time awards in agility and compete at the highest levels. She has guided and helped me in breeding my dogs, evaluating my pups and was there for me when we were in our first conformation show. She is enormously committed to her students. In handling classes one can feel the love that she has for her junior handlers. Jody expects her students to work hard and achieve. She is honest and sometimes it is tough to hear what she has to say – but she is telling you what is in her heart with heart felt compassion. You will learn about showing, competitive dogs sports…and… you will also learn a lot about yourself. You can sign up for a lot of classes locally (and I have), but if you truly want to learn you will want to work with Jody Davidson.”

Classes Taken: Private Training, Consultation, Obedience, Rally, Tracking, Board and Train, Puppy Program, Handling, Conformation and Conformation Evaluation
Length Of Time Training: 7 Years
Reviewer: Kathleen B. 

“I’m very happy with the experiences I’ve had with Jody, her assistants and Jr. Handlers. Although I have a childhood of dog experiences, I’ve never worked towards show dog, good citizen, and agility goals. I felt very comfortable with Jody’s professional and respectful style and PDHOBEDIENCE training setup because there are many opportunities to help my puppy get the training and socialization in a safe environment. I am willing to drive 30 minutes each way 3 times a week for Jody’s guidance and have really enjoyed meeting the other fur baby parents and Jr. Handlers and believe that my puppy will have the best opportunity towards maximizing her potential.”

Classes Taken: Obedience
Length Of Time Training: 1 Month
Reviewer: Steve G.

“I was totally lost with my 9 month old labradoodle to the point where I should give him away – found Jody thru my vet – Jody trained me to be a better pet parent as well as my dog. I’ve spent the summer in Wisconsin with a very happy, loving dog that to the credit of Jody and Sarah I could not live without – we will be enrolling in the Fall for future education with Jody and Sarah – totally the best trainers.”

Classes Taken: Obedience, rally, manners
Length Of Time Training: 8 Months
Reviewer: Kathy M.

“Outstanding. Exceptional. Those are just a few of the words that describe the skills and personality of Jody Davidson. In just a few short weeks there has been a noticeable improvement in our 20-month-old male Shih Tzu who is as stubborn as he is adorable and lovable. Jody has even helped us with barking control and showed us how to groom our puppy without him or us getting stressed. We always have had dogs. We have had Shih Tzu’s often two at a time. But this puppy was a challenge. He was difficult,very difficult and wanted to be in control. We finally decided that professional help was needed and Jody was the answer. She came highly recommended We are looking forward to upcoming training sessions that will allow us to have a obedient and well mannered Shih Tzu. We are thrilled with Jody and highly recommend PHD Obedience.”

Classes Taken: Obedience
Length Of Time Training: 3 Weeks
Reviewer: Arthur H.

“I have been working with Jody and Sarah for a few months and the changes I have seen with my cattle dog puppy is amazing. Jody’s experience in the dog world and training is just what I need for turning my puppy into a future performance dog.” 

Classes Taken: Private lessons, puppy camp
Length Of Time Training: 3 Months
Reviewer: Stephanie H. 

“Sarah is very professional and really knows her craft. Instruction is very precise and effective and my Beauceron is totally responding to Sarah’s techniques, which are easy to learn and repeat. I find my dog’s focus and listening/obedience has improved across the board! Thank you, Sarah!”

Reviewer: Anonymous

“We are forever grateful to have had Jody partner with us, when we first got our puppy, Miska. The first year sets the foundation for the dog for their whole live, and Jody guided us through this journey so spectacularly that our dog Miska (Samoyed) is the perfect family member. Under Jody’s guidance, Miska not only completed her American Kennel Club Certifications, she has also now travelled in the car across the USA with us, flew via plane to Europe, and the Carribean. And will soon be on her way to Australia. She has enjoyed skiing in Norway, swimming in the ocean waves of the Carribean and is currently exploring inner city life on the east coast, USA. She will be 2 years old in November, 2021. She is great with other dogs (big and small), children and the unexpected. She is highly adaptable to her environment from; ski cabins in Scandinavia to plush hotels in Amsterdam, to cattle ranches in Texas, she has enjoyed it all. Whilst still maintained her soft and loving nature at the same time. We accredited this too Jody, we learnt so much with her, and of Miska course counts Jody as her favourite aunty. We thoroughly recommend Jody, as an essential custodian in puppy training and development. If you are lucky enough too work with her, you will are well on your way to having the dog that most people dream about…”

Classes Taken: General Training, Star Puppy Certificate & Good Canine Citizen Certificate
Length Of Time Training: 12 Months
Reviewer: Katy & Christian B.

“Jody is fantastic. When I added a puppy to my family, I knew I needed a refresher in obedience training and puppy socialization. She provided all of the tools to help me integrate my puppy into my daily life. What I really learned to appreciate is the affect my behavior had on my dog’s response. Now, anytime I take my dog in public – store, restaurant, walk – people compliment his manners. Couldn’t have done it without a little help and encouragement from Jody.”

Classes Taken: Obedience
Length Of Time Training: 6 Months
Reviewer: Stacie B.

“Warren Buffett is often quoted for saying, “The best investment you can make is an investment in yourself…The more you learn, the more you’ll earn.” The same can be said for dogs. The best investment you can make in your dog is training. The more you and your dog learn, the tighter the bond you will develop and the more fun you’ll have together on puppy-sized adventures. I have attended class at PHD Obedience with Jody Davidson for over two years. In our first class, my adolescent Dalmatian and I learned more than we had in dozens of sessions at the big box pet store training we attended previously. Jody’s training approach is fun, positive, and balanced. It is not a one-size fits most approach – its more like a boutique hotel experience; small, personal, tailored to your unique needs. Jody is a master of her craft and an credentialed educator by trade.

It was important to me to learn the skillset required to train my own dog. My Dal puppy was shy, sensitive to loud voices, and didn’t like being touched. Through training my dog learned what behaviors are appropriate and what behaviors would not be tolerated. He developed into a successful show dog who can confidently free stack in the middle of the ring, and overcame his fear of being touched by a confirmation judge. He went on to become a champion of record at a very young age. More importantly he has good manners and etiquette at home and in public spaces. Be it on the trail, in restaurants, or at the mall or park, he is always up for an adventure. He is happier and living his best life thanks to the foundational training Jody was generous enough to share with us.

Get outside and go have fun with your dog!”

Classes Taken: Handling
Length Of Time Training: 2 Years
Reviewer: JR C.

“Jody is a master of her profession and an excellent teacher and coach. Just what my big beauceron and I need. We are learning a tremendous amount and really appreciate Jody’s knowledge and patience!”

Reviewer: Anonymous

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